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Netbook like a mobile phone

Some netbooks have a 3G network module. It allows to turn netbook in a mobile phone with the functions to communicate with SMS and 3G data communication. Some also can have voice capabilities but it depends on modem model installed in the netbook.
Some netbooks have the Huawey 3G modem. In those device the software used to manage the communication features is Mobile Partner made by Huawey. Many mobile telecommunication operator have branded that software with theirs theme and logo and often have also changed the name.
It is very easy to send and receive SMS while working on the netbooks. When the SMS repository becomes huge is normal to backup the contents. Often is useful to export the contents to use in other tools or only to have readable text. Well, Mobile Partner lacks that functionality. This software try to solve that problem giving a tool to export the SMS messages in a text format.

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